Rights activist Ni Yulan 'disallowed from leaving' China


A Chinese human rights lobbyist says she has actually been disallowed from leaving the country just as she was preparing to travel to the United States to accept an award.

Ni Yulan had intended to travel today to accept the state department's International Women of Courage Award.

However she states she was refused a passport. She likewise declares she and her spouse were by force kicked out from their home and he was beaten up.

Ms Ni, an attorney, is understood for defending property rights of residents.

She had resulted from participate in the US award ceremony in Washington on Tuesday, and had gotten a new passport last month.

"When I get a passport I was told I was forbidden to travel abroad," she told the BBC. "They raised my involvement in a criminal case where I had supported the offenders and composed some short articles on their behalf.".

She stated there was no legal reason for withholding her passport: "It was a reason and an offense of my rights.".

Previously, she told overseas Chinese-language news websites that Beijing authorities refused her approval to travel because of her links with a group of human rights attorneys who were apprehended in July last year.


She also said she was also informed by her property agent to vacate her gotten Beijing home. The representative said the police had put pressure on him to end her rental contract prematurely.

On Saturday a big group of guys - a few of them wearing black uniforms - barged into their home and threw them out, she said, including that they likewise took money from her.

"Some of them started beating up my hubby, another group hurried into the interior of our home and began flinging out items," she told Voice of America (in Chinese).

"After beating my hubby they dragged him out to the yard entrance where they continued to beat him and stomped on him with their feet.".

The couple have actually since moved in with a good friend.

Ms Ni is understood for helping a group of Beijing homeowners whose homes were demolished to make method for structures developed for the 2008 Olympic Games.

She has actually been jailed repeatedly by Chinese authorities and utilizes a wheelchair - a consequence, she and her advocates say, of mistreatment by police over the years.

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